Brown Dog at Luke's "LukeStock 2006"

First, all due thanks and kudos to the people that made it possible.

Obviously the guys in the bands, for moving equipment, setting it up, breaking it down,
and giving great performances. Steve, for providing us a SAVI sound equipment experience.
To friends and family that came out to enjoy the event, thank you.

Special thanks to a couple people, for over the top effort.
Effort that made possible this kick ass event.

Shane, only you and Luke know how much work was done
to get the grounds prepared.
The first picture in the slide-show, is of you riding out the finishing touches.

Luke, a really great job ! A tremendous effort with all aspects of hosting an event.
The food was so good. I doubt any person there, was their original weight a week later.

Otto, a big thank you for the outstanding pictures. You captured the night.
Anyone who doesn't know Otto's photographic skill, check his work at this Web site.

Except for the first photograph in the slide show, all of the photographs were taken by Otto Graham.

With that done, as Mark Woodard frequently says, "ON TO IT ! " The Slide Show

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